WILSON’S PLOVER Ochthodromus wilsonia  PR B 2Wilson's Plover & Chick, Delphi Beach, Abaco - Sandy WalkerWilson's Plover, Delphi Club Beach, Abaco - Craig NashWilson's Plover, Abaco Bahamas - Tom Sheley

‘Broken Wing Display’ to distract predators from a nesting areaWilson's Plover, Abaco (broken wing display) Clare Latimer - Version 2

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER  Pluvialis squatarola   WR 1 (Intermediate Plumage)Black-bellied Plover intermediate plumage.Marls.Abaco Bahamas.3.12.Tom Sheley edit

AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER  Pluvialis dominica  TR 4American Golden Plover, Abaco - Tony Hepburn

 SEMIPALMATED PLOVER Charadrius semipalmatus WR 2Semipalmated Plover (f nb), Abaco - Bruce Hallett

KILLDEER Charadrius vociferus WR 2Kildeer, Abaco - Bruce Hallett

PIPING PLOVER  Charadrius melodus WR 3Piping Plover, Abaco - Bruce HallettPiping Plover, Abaco  - Tom Reed

Photo credits: Sandy Walker, Craig Nash, Tom Sheley, Clare Latimer, Tony Hepburn, Bruce Hallett, Tom Reed

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